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Follow the car care tips below to keep your vehicle running reliably:

  • There are many components continuously moving that require regular lubrication and should be checked as often as the oil is changed, Such as; CV Joints and U-Joints , Driveline components, are flexible components that, if not properly lubricated, can cause damage to  other components allowing them to break along with the initial component.

  • During Routine service. Transmission and differential fluid are other important fluids to check periodically, hard or abrupt shifts, Shifting delays make sure to listen for unusual noise these all can be signs that your may need or are late on having your transmission serviced. You can find all the specifications for your fluids in your owners manual or ask a local service center such as Auto Concepts LLC for specific details.

  • Manufactures recommend changing the oil within every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Checking and changing your oil filter and oil will help keep your engine and vehicle running smooth. Changing your oil as required is important and using the correct oil for your vehicle can help improve gas mileage by 1-2%.

  • It’s hard to know the Battery life on your vehicle, There is not much warning for a dead or dying battery, So during routine oil changes or inspections be sure to pay attention to your Battery Connection verifying they are clean and clear of corrosion as well as tightly secured, Seek battery replacements as necessary.

  • Brake Fluids attract moisture and should be change about once per year to prevent corrosions build up, This Keeps the Hoses, Calibers and other components operating in top order. There are other important fluids that you need to consider changing on a regular basis such as; Power steering fluid and your coolant. Each fluid has its recommended interval be sure to check your owner’s manual or contact us at Auto Concepts LLC and ask so we can inform you of your vehicles manufactures recommendation.

  • Recommend Coolant Flush’s are important to a keep your vehicles climate control system functioning correctly for your comfort and overall vehicle safety. Complete fill and flush’s of the coolant system gets rid of the dirt rust and unnecessary debris hanging around in the engine, radiator and various hoses. Prior to warmer weather is the most efficient time to check and flush the system, preparing you for the season.

  • Wheel alignments are essential to getting the most miles out of your tires, Wheel alignments need to be aligned to your manufactures specifications to improve straight line tracking and reduce tire wear. Pulling to one side is a sign that is time for a wheel alignment.

  • One of the hardest things on your vehicle is Stop and go driving, If you can avoid this do your best it’s the biggest fuel waste and adds unnecessary wear on parts and adds extra damage to components. Obviously we know some of you don’t have this option so if you do a lot of stop and go driving make sure you stay ahead of your prevented maintenance.

  • Following recommended service and proper vehicle regular maintenance keeps your vehicle on the road longer, save you money and time down the road, also improving your safety and safety of the passengers in your vehicle. Negligence of not following the suggested maintenance and avoiding recommended services will shorten the life span of your vehicle and lower the safety of yourself and your passengers.



Here at Auto Concepts LLC we want to help you Stay on top of your routine maintenance so reach out to us today, Via Email or give us a call and let our service professionals get your vehicle on a routine maintenance schedule . Our ASE certified mechanics our Highly qualified and we are here to help keep you and your passengers safe and your vehicle on the road as long as possible.

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